Thursday, July 9, 2015

Riding Herd and Mending Fences - New Name, New Look!

Corral at Nearby Ranch
Well, what's going on, you ask!

I'm changing the name of this blog to Riding Herd and Mending Fences, There are two major reasons for this change. First, when I google Joyful Journey, there's a lot of stuff out there with similar names, and that's basically not too good for me;  second, since Riding Herd covers so many areas, it seems to fit better.  Don't go thinking that my journey is no longer joyful, it is and will continue to be as long as I am breathing, it's just that this change represents a bigger and better outlook on the whole "life" thing and, besides, I think it's kind of catchy and I like it!

I'm sure most of you have noticed that I have been basically low profile for a long time now, and truthfully there has been so much going on in my life, self-imposed for sure, but I was getting overwhelmed and undecided on how to proceed. And I needed to fall in love with my blog again. My biggest challenge is getting stuck in “analysis paralysis”,  all planning and no action. I simply could not make a decision on how to proceed, since there are so many things I want to write about and share, I find it hard to get started again. I am hoping that I can get motivated again and inspired to get to it.  I want to write; it’s what I keep coming back to, thinking about, day dreaming about, and I need to do it! 

Let’s talk about the term “Riding Herd” - what exactly does that mean to you?  Well, Webster's defines it as "to observe, watch, survey, supervise, control as a cowboy riding herd on the cattle, to manage, maneuver - you get the picture!

I came across a book not too long ago called You Might Be a Cowgirl If ...A Guide to Life on The Range by Jill Charlotte Stanford.  She talks about how this phrase - Riding Herd - applies to your life.  So, think about it.  You manage your home, your finances, your career, your relationships, your hobbies, business interests, and your dreams and ambitions, basically your future, and most importantly, your "brand", your personal code.

Your code, your brand, is your true self - how you present yourself to others, what your beliefs are, your values, and basically your reputation. What kinds of terms would represent you?  Coming to mind might be integrity, honesty, fairness, emotional and physical health and strength, and how you handle yourself when dealing with others, hopefully in a straight-forward no-nonsense manner, with gentleness and understanding.  It is your most important possession.

Do you not "ride herd" on all these areas of your life?  Do you not keep tabs on how things are going in your life, and if things start to wander off course (as cattle might do - getting stuck out there in the brush), do you not rope them back in where you can keep an eye on them?  When things need fixing, (or fences need mending) you step up and take care of it, don't you?  Sure you do!  We all do!

To me, this was an eye-opener.  I started to really think about that phrase and how it actually does apply to our lives. Sort of makes you feel just a little bit more confident to realize just how much you do control what happens in your life.  You are the alpha mare; you are holding the reins, and you are the one up in the saddle, the one to determine where and how your life will unfold, and how your dreams present themselves to you, and when you have reached that goal you set out for yourself. How can that not be inspiring?

I've read all sorts of articles on blogging that say you have to have a "niche" if you want readers to come back again and again.  You have to offer content that has "value" and show yourself to be an authority on your subject. Well, that may be true, but I have so many things I want to share, but I will have some semblance of mercy on you and try to keep things organized a bit. My primary goal here is self expression and sharing of information.

I am still working on how I want all this to unfold, so please be patient with me. Hopefully, I can "ride herd" on these areas better by keeping them all in one corral. I'll give it a good honest try!

I hope you will stick around for the ride!

So, til next time...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Cowboy Johnny

Now Johnny was a little sport; he only stood so high.
But when he donned those cowboy boots, he near could touch the sky.

Cowboy Bob, Circa 1936
In Memory of Robert Chapman
1-4-1931 - 8-16-2003
He had a sure-nuff cowboy hat, all worn and creased just right;
A kerchief knotted around his neck, and checkered cowboy shirt.

His pants were blue, all clean and crisp - at least when he'd put them on;
By the time he'd taken Old Paint out, most all the clean was gone!

He knew when he showed up for grub just what his Mom would say;
But you can't stay clean and be a Pard - it just don't work that way!

Now Johnny had a hero he followed all around;
To learn about the cowboy ways, and how to take a stand.

His hero's name was Grandpa Jim, all wrinkled, gray and old;
But when he talked with Johnny, his words were like pure gold.

Cause Johnny didn't have a paw - he'd died so long ago;
And Grandpa Jim had fallen in, and taken up that role.

The oath he gave to his dying son - his heart breaking in two;
To be the man in Johnny's life, and teach him all that's good.

To teach him how to be a man, to work with all his might;
How to know a loving God, and stand for what is right!

Written/Copyright 1997 by Mary Lou Chapman Hackett

til next time...